Certified InstallersYou read about Energy Storage Systems and you hear about their benefits… but where do you find a system that
will easily integrate into your renewable energy installations, and even more importantly, one that you can expertly recommend to your loyal customers.

The Adara Power Energy Storage System is your answer. It works for both new and existing renewable energy installations in an AC or DC coupled configuration. As easy it is for the homeowner to employ it, it is just as simple for you to install. We estimate the average installation to take 4-6 hours, not including separating out a critical loads panel that is tied into the ESS. The Adara Power ESS is wall or floor mounted, and coupled to the Schneider Electric XW+ 5548 inverter/charger.

For existing homes, the grid tied inverter is used. For new homes, a Charge Controller is required for DC coupled configurations and attaches to the XW+ 5548. Simply hang the Adara Energy Storage System on a clear wall next to the inverter/charger, install the four rack mounted battery modules and the system control box, and connect them using the provided power and communication cords. That’s it… close the door and when power is applied the system will automatically boot up and connect to the Adara Power Cloud through a robust cellular modem.

Adara Power is actively seeking solar installers across North America to join with us in offering our advanced energy storage systems to your customers. If you are interested please click here to tell us about yourself.

Adara Power Installer Certification Course

If you wish to attend one of our on-site certification courses at our headquarters in San Jose, CA (see schedule below), click here to register. Each course is a half day in length, from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. If you have already registered, please log in to review the course outline, directions to our on-site facility and more.

Criteria for Certification

  • Field experience with solar installations – must have performed multiple solar installations before becoming a Adara Power Certified Installer
  • Credentials – Adara Power Certification is not a substitute for NABCEP, C10, or C46 licenses. All electrical work must be performed by licensed contractors.
  • Certification Course completion – on-site at Adara Power

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