SGIP – Commercial Process

Adara Power understands the SGIP requirements and process. We’re here to assist you in your application. A Three-Step Process applies to non-residential (aka commercial) projects greater than or equal to 10kW. The following items are required to fill the first step of the Three Step Process for a commercial storage application.

  • Online Reservation Request Form: All applicants are required to complete the online Reservation Request Form (RRF). This online form is used to provide project details, contact information, and signed declarations. Please find it at:
    Note: Applicants must obtain a developer “Key” from an approved SGIP developer. A list of approved SGIP developers may be found at this link: Find an approved SGIP developer here, or contact Adara Power for a reference.
  • Application Fee: The application fee is equal to 5% of the requested incentive amount, payable by check, cashier check or money order, and should reference the project by site address. The application fee is the only required document that must be mailed directly to the Program Administrator, however a scanned copy of the application fee must also be uploaded for each project in the application portal with the reservation request documentation. After a project is assigned to an incentive step, the application fee check must be mailed within 7 calendar days.
  • Equipment Specifications: Manufacturer equipment specifications for all major components of the system, such as the storage component, as well as the inverter, DC-DC converter, controller and/or additional system components when applicable, are required. Rated capacity (kW), energy capacity (kWh), and round trip efficiency for the storage system must be provided.
  • Proof of Utility Service & Load Documentation: Participation in the SGIP is restricted to customers who are located in PG&E, SCE, SoCal Gas, or SDG&E service territories and physically connected to the Electric Utility transmission and distribution system. All applications must include a copy of a recent electric utility bill indicating the account number, meter number, Site address, and Host Customer name. Customers applying in PG&E and SoCalGas territory must also submit a copy of a recent gas utility bill.
  • Preliminary Monitoring Plan (PMP): This applies to all applications paired with on-site renewable generators (ex. solar) or projects greater than or equal to 30 kW. Adara Power will provide you with a list of required components for the Commercial PMP (email us to request this information).