Quality & Reliability


Lithium-ion batteries have great advantages versus traditional chemistries such as lead acid and nickel based batteries. The advantages in energy density, cycle life, small footprint and high round trip efficiency have created an electric vehicle industry that is now starting to take off. The engineering challenge is to ensure these advantages are delivered safely. To do so requires an understanding of cell-level behavior, system level fault analysis and deploying a system level control scheme that ensures robust diagnostics, redundancy and fail safe measures.


Environmental conditions and power surges are primary root causes of inverter failure and solar electrical products in general. The Adara Energy Storage System is designed to handle transient voltage spikes and offers reverse voltage protection to ensure handling of inevitable disruptions to power connections.

Long Life

Batteries age faster at higher temperatures, under full depth of discharge and at high rates of discharge. Each application requires an analysis of targeted service life, operating conditions and the daily usage profile. Our advanced algorithms use these factors and more to moderate the battery charge and discharge to ensure the long life of the lithium ion battery system – typically 3 times longer life than lead acid batteries. Adara Power engineers have an extensive background in lithium-ion charge management to make sure your investment pays off.

Uncompromised Safety

Adara Power engineers are experts in safety analysis and engineering having created advanced electronics from silicon chips to full systems based on automotive requirements of ISO26262 and IEC6150. FMEA, Hazard and Risk Analyses are performed on all of our products which in turn drive the definition and implementation of redundancy, fail-safe measures, and critical power management design.