Partner Testimonials

Adara Power takes pride in providing our partners with innovative renewable energy storage solutions. We support our partners by providing them with our advanced, sustainable technology with no restrictions or constraints and with exclusive rewards and benefits. To learn more about our Partner Program, click here. Read about our partners' experiences below.

Dual Adara ESS 2“Residential solar is here to stay in Nevada. Bombard is excited to be the first solar installer in the state to join Adara Power on its intelligent, grid-connected energy storage system. This type of Net Energy Metered Solar PV Power System will allow ratepayers to contribute to the sustainable energy future of Nevada by increasing their use of Renewable Energy, and lowering their costs, for many years to come.”
Bo Balzar, Operations Manager of Bombard Renewable Energy

bombard_electricBombard Renewable Energy, a division of Bombard Electric, LLC, serves commercial, utility, residential and non-profit customers in both the public and private sectors in and around Las Vegas. Bombard Renewable Energy of Las Vegas was recently named No. 47 on Solar Power World’s 2015 Top 500 Solar Contractors list. Bombard Electric has been doing business in Nevada since 1982 and is a member of MDU Construction Services Group, an industry-leading construction services company with locations across the country. MDU Construction Services Group is part of MDU Resources Group, Inc. (NYSE: MDU). For more information, visit

ReVision-Energy“Rooftop solar energy installations have accelerated rapidly in northern New England. While many of our 4,000 installations have been on residential homes and small commercial buildings, we’ve seen a growing commitment by municipalities to install solar, and now energy storage, as a means of reducing their fossil fuel consumption and costs.” Geoff Sparrow, Director of Engineering of ReVision Energy

ReVisionReVision Energy began in 2003 with the mission to help people and businesses transition toward sustainable solar energy. Trusted as the industry leader in solar design, installation and service in northern New England, ReVision Energy provides a full range of services for homes, businesses, municipal buildings and nonprofits. To date, ReVision Energy has installed over 3,000 systems and has branches in Portland and Liberty, Maine and Exeter, New Hampshire. For more information please visit

Juicebox3[4]“We’re extremely interested in cutting-edge technologies that positively impact our customers’ entire solar and energy management system. Adara Power’s storage system enables our customers to shift toward self-supply and away from dependence on the grid, while at the same time empowering them to actively manage their usage profile.”
Tom Dinette, CEO of Simmitri Inc.

SimmitriSimmitri is a customer centric Silicon Valley company with a “reduce before you produce” approach to energy management that is unique to the entire industry. Since 1995, Simmitri has demonstrated to thousands of satisfied customers, expertise in designing and installing roof & solar systems. From high level corporate oversight, to its experienced team of roof system technicians, energy advisers, operations/install personnel, project management professionals, sales consultants, and energy efficiency building performance analysts, Simmitri is passionate about engaging customers in doing solar the way it should be done. For more information, visit