Which Companies Are Active in Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage?

Chart: GTM Research profiles 40 companies that are active in the U.S. behind-the-meter storage market.

Though small, the U.S. behind-the-meter energy storage market already plays host to an array of companies representing different stages of the value chain. These companies bring different types of expertise to the table, with some focusing on one specific area, while others embody a range of service offerings. Read The Article

Energy Storage Power Electronics

For decades, off-grid battery-based energy storage systems powered by PV or other renewable energy sources such as wind and small-scale hydroelectric turbines have been cost-effective for many rural and remote residences across the US. The financial case for deploying energy storage in residential grid-connected applications has been a more difficult one to make. However, technological advancements, constrained electric grids with high penetrations of PV systems and the gradual erosion of net energy metering programs across the US may usher in a new era for distributed, grid-connected energy storage systems. Read The Article

US Energy Storage Industry Sees First-Quarter Investments Double and New Partnerships Emerge

GTMThere were numerous examples of storage producers teaming up with installers. In February, Adara Power (formerly known as JuiceBox Energy), the maker of an 8.6-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion storage system, partnered with solar installer Simmitri. The following month, Adara partnered with Bombard Electric’s renewable energy installation division to supply storage in Las Vegas and southern Nevada. Read The Article

Cracking Old Markets with new IoT Products & Services

The Business of IoT – Silicon Valley Meet-up: Over 150 Silicon Valley engineers attended a panel representing emerging companies who have built products that are changing old industries. Neil Maguire, CEO and Founder of Adara Power, Colin Roche, CEO and Founder of Swiftmile, and Chuck Price, VP Engineering at Peloton Technology, shared how their IoT enabled products are creating new paradigms in the energy and transportation markets. Click here for more about the panel.

Solar Power World Q&A with JuiceBox Energy

urlFebruary 8, 2016: Solar Power World spoke with JuiceBox Energy’s Founder and Vice President Sales & Marketing Greg Maguire to find out more the solar storage company.

Solar Power World: How is your system different from other solar storage solutions on the market?

Maguire: JuiceBox Energy was one of the early movers in the advanced energy storage and management segment….. Read the Article Here