Energy Storage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I consider energy storage for my solar system?

  • An Energy Storage System that you own is your answer to greater grid independence, reduced electrical costs and grid casualty preparedness. It will complement your renewable energy system by storing the energy you generate during the day for use in the evening.

What is the difference between residential and commercial energy storage?

  • Each have their own energy storage requirements but the commercial customer is often subject to additional demand charges based on their peak energy usage. The Adara Energy Storage System may be programmed to reduce these charges providing significant monthly rate savings.

What is the interconnect process?

  • Electrical systems that are connected to the grid need to go through an “Interconnect Process” with the local utility to notify the utility of any significant power draws on the grid, especially during peak energy periods. Your utility will want to know when you install a renewable energy generation and storage system, but since the Adara Energy Storage System reduces peak energy we have found that utilities stand to benefit as much as the homeowner. Please contact us if your installer has any issues with your utility’s interconnection process.

What is the difference between energy efficiency, distributed generation and distributed storage as it applies to my home?

  • Energy efficiency, distributed generation and energy storage are the three pillars of fully reducing your residential carbon signature and providing for a greener and cleaner community.
    • Energy Efficiency is the process of replacing components in the house that use excess energy or allow the energy to escape. Often the greatest return on investment is in energy efficiency measures such as converting to LED lighting, insulating the “envelope” of the home through new windows, attic insulation, roofs, etc., or replacing older appliances with new Energy Star approved units.
    • Distributed Generation is the means of installing energy generation platforms on or close to your home. This could mean rooftop or community solar, or even adding a propane or natural gas generator to the home.
    • Distributed Storage is the means of adding an energy storage system to your home to capture the energy that your solar system generates for use at a later time of your choosing.

What is peak power?

  • Electrical loads vary during the year, day and hour. The higher the energy demand from the grid, the higher the peak power requirements that the utility must maintain primary and spinning reserve generation facilities to support. As you might guess, this gets expensive, so generally speaking a homeowner will pay more for power used during peak periods than off-peak periods.

What is a peaker plant?

  • Utilities size their generation to meet the average demand. A peaker plant is an excess capacity power generation plant that can be started and stopped to respond to peak power requirements from the grid. As you might guess (again), this gets expensive. Reducing peaker plant requirements is a big first step towards reducing our collective carbon footprint.

What incentives are there for ESS?

  • You mean other than you are maximizing your renewable energy generation, that you are prepared if the grid fails, and that you are contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment for our children and planet? Yes – there are even financial incentives that vary by location, including the CA Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) and the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC).

Why should I chose Lithium NMC over other battery chemistries

  • Our years of electric vehicle automotive engineering expertise provided us with the opportunities to review multiple lithium and nickel metal hydride chemistries, and their associated performance, reliability and safety parameters. We selected a very high quality Lithium NMC chemistry and with integrated Battery Management System to ensure that you have the highest quality and best, long lasting performance available in the market today.

Why should I choose Adara Energy Storage System over other energy storage solutions?

  • Adara Energy Storage Systems are well suited for present and future energy needs, providing energy peak shifting, load shaving, back-up and islanding capability with the capability to be networked together both in energy and power. Adara Power clients own their system, keep all of the rebates, incentives and lifetime savings while still being part of a nationwide network. Our installation is simple, the system is appealing, and you have the freedom to generate, store and provide energy with our commitment to a clean, reliable planet.

What inverter/charger does the Adara Energy Storage System support?

  • The Adara Pulse is tightly integrated with the Schneider Electric XW+ 5548 inverter/charger. The 5548 can support inputs from the solar panels, the electrical grid, the Adara Energy Storage System and another AC input.

Can I install a Adara Energy Storage System on a leased solar system?

  • Check with your leasing or PPA company that owns your system. Often times your agreement is resold to large commercial banks similar to the way mortgages are serviced, and they may not permit you to make any changes to your home. The energy markets are changing rapidly in favor of the consumer — we recommend that you purchase your solar + storage system so that you remain in control of your energy destiny and don’t give away future opportunities.

Can I use a Adara Energy Storage System without a renewable energy system?

  • This is an emerging field where an Adara Energy Storage System can be programmed to provide grid edge services by charging when rates are lowest and discharging when rates are highest. An Adara Energy Storage System paired with Community Solar may provide all the benefits of the renewable energy generation while allowing the homeowner control over how they use that energy.

How and where is a Adara Energy Storage System installed?

  • Adara Energy Storage Systems are now installed in 13 states.  A licensed electrician is required to connect your Adara Energy Storage System to the inverter/charger. The Adara system is housed in a NEMA 3R rated enclosure for indoor or outdoor wall or floor mounting. Our Adara Energy Storage System Certified Installers are trained to provide you the right recommendation and site design for your energy storage needs.

How can I get one, where do I get one and how much does it cost?

  • The Adara Energy Storage System is sold via our network of certified Adara Power installers in select areas. Your certified Adara Power installer will be able to evaluate your energy needs and provide you with a system quote. If you are having difficulty locating an installer, please contact us for a referral.

Can I finance an Adara Energy Storage System?

  • There are multiple options to finance your Adara Energy Storage System. Check out some of the financing programs approved for Adara Energy Storage Systems and ask your installer for any local options that they may provide.

What is the Adara Power Cloud?

  • Solar customers love to share their power generation stories. We created the Adara Power Cloud so that you can see the impact you are making nationwide. Once your Adara Energy Storage System is turned on, you have the option of connecting it to the network, and making your system visible and available to energy service providers to offset peak energy demands.

How do I connect to the Adara Power Cloud?

  • You will grant permissions through your secure, web-based Adara Energy Storage System login and the network will then monitor and control your system through the cellular modem to the extent that you allow.

Will a Adara Energy Storage System reduce my carbon footprint?

How long will the Adara Energy Storage System last?

  • In the US, we provide a 10 year warranty or up to 4,000 cycles. At the battery cells end of life, we can replace your modules at a fraction of today’s lithium ion costs without ripping the enclosure, inverter and conduit off the wall.  The system is deigned for easy service or upgrade using a rack mounted enclosure. The customer must maintain monitoring for the guaranteed performance.

What do I do with the Adara Energy Storage System at end of life?

  • Your modules are recyclable similar to the lithium modules in an electric vehicle. The standard rack mounted enclosure and ease of installation will allow you to replace the modules just like you replace a battery in a flashlight today.

Is the Adara Energy Storage System available outside the USA?

  • We are actively building out our international sales channels, and we are seeking qualified renewable energy partners to become the next Adara Power certified installer. Watch our availability network grow and contact us if you would like to apply to be a certified installer.