Consulting Services

Adara has a long history in energy technology development including electric vehicles, battery management systems, microgrids, residential and commercial energy storage system and software.  We offer support for technology due diligence, engineering, design and deployment of microgrids and energy storage systems. Contact for more information.

Microgrid and Energy Storage System Design

  • System sizing and bill modeling
  • Turn-key services
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • RFQ Process
  • Battery management system (BMS)
  • Lithium-ion cell Selection

IoT Cloud Software

  • Distributed generation and storage
  • Load control
  • Software development
  • Digital energy

Incentives and Interconnection

  • California Self Generation Incentive Program
  • CA Rule 21 Interconnection

Market Entry

  • Access to solar channel in US
  • Regulations and standards for US market
  • Market segmentation and messaging
  • Supply chain support and logistics

Technology Due Diligence

  • Power and BMS semiconductors,
  • Enterprise and embedded software,
  • Clean technologies
  • EVs and charging infrastructure