Commercial Energy Storage System

The Adara Commercial Energy Storage System hits the market as facility and building owners focus on the benefits of solar + storage. Operating under different rate structures that can include demand charges in excess of 50% of their total energy bill, commercial and industrial customers are considering energy storage for grid arbitrage, EV charging for employee vehicles, and back-up power for critical infrastructure. 

The Adara Commercial Energy Storage System includes a scalable to 500kW with 1MWh of lithium-ion battery storage, Delta’s new scalable 480VAC/125kW Power Conditioning System, and the Adara iC3 Platform. Leveraging its significant traction in the residential market, the Adara Commercial Energy Storage System addresses demand from its large and mid-sized solar installers with a significant commercial customer base.

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Adara Commercial Energy Storage System

Our partners and certified installers provide fully integrated Commercial Energy Storage Systems to support multiple use cases, such as demand charge reduction, demand response, peak-shifting and emergency back-up power leading to a cleaner, more resilient grid. Pre-sale assistance includes electrical bill analysis, system design support, and installation assistance for initial orders and delivery in Q2 2017. For California customers, the system fully-qualifies for a substantial rebate under the revised Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), with the earliest orders having the best chance of qualifying.