Adara Power installs SGIP-funded energy storage at California almond farm

Los Gatos, CA, USA,  November 15, 2018Adara Power, a privately-held commercial energy storage company, announces an SGIP-funded deployment and commissioning of an intelligent energy storage system at Violich Farms in Orland, CA.  The California Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) provides financial incentives for the installation of energy storage in order to reduce green-house gas emissions and improve the stability of the grid. Adara Power partnered with Chico Electric, an electrical and solar general contractor, to design, build and commission the 330kWh lithium-ion battery coupled to a 175kW solar array. The energy storage system discharges during peak electricity usage and saves money through reduced demand charges.

Violich Farms manages 9000 acres of almond and walnut orchards in the Sacramento Valley of California. “The Adara Power energy storage system provides Violich Farms with the flexibility to run our operations at any time on clean, sustainable energy without the penalty of high on-peak energy and demand charges,” stated Julia Violich, CFO, Violich Farms. “Partnering with Adara Power and Chico Electric and supported by SGIP enabled us to accelerate the deployment of a clean, cost-effective solution right-sized to our needs.”

California farmers and commercial building owners are deploying energy storage to reduce peak demand charges and on-peak energy usage from large motors, air conditioning and heavy equipment.  New time of use electricity rates have moved the peak period to 8pm or 9pm in California.  This creates a situation where solar alone does not have the same benefit it once had.  Now solar plus storage is the right technology combination to reduce customer electricity bills and at the same time help the overall grid by reducing peak electricity requirements across the state.

“Our client was looking to reduce the costs of their ongoing operations, a significant portion of which was electricity demand charges for their irrigation pump loads.  Teaming with Adara brought battery expertise to the table throughout the entire process and ultimately we delivered the right solution to Violich Farms, said Norm Nielsen, CEO, Chico Electric.”

Adara Power works with trusted solar and electrical contractors as their commercial energy storage partner.  The Adara team, with experience in electrochemisty, controls systems and cloud software provides the technical expertise to analyze, design and build the most practical energy storage system to maximize the customer’s return on investment.

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About Adara Power

Founded in 2013, Adara Power is committed to providing safe, reliable, intelligent, and connected solar energy storage for renewable energy. Adara Power’s Energy Storage Solutions are designed to support consumer self-consumption and enable a resilient, renewable energy grid in order to power a cleaner, sustainable planet. For more information, visit

About Chico Electric

A Northern California Electrical Contractor since 1960.  A recognized leader in electrical contracting, photovoltaic (PV) solar systems planning, engineering, and installation, Chico Electric has implemented PV Solar for customers in agriculture, food processing, manufacturing and education. Installations include industry leading projects, such as Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, one of the largest roof-top PV Solar installations in the nation and Butte Community College, the first college in the nation to achieve grid-positive solar generation. For more information, visit

About Violich Farms

Violich Farms was founded in 1987 with the purchase of a 200-acre ranch on which to grow almonds.  Over the past two decades, Violich Farms has become one of the largest growers of almonds and walnuts in the United States.  Today, the company operates approximately 9000 acres of company-owned and leased land in the Sacramento Valley of California.

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