About Adara Power

Adara Power (formerly JuiceBox Energy) is a Silicon Valley based company that develops advanced energy storage and management systems to meet the growing demand for renewable energy storage. The company delivers innovative clean technologies to its customers in order to reduce both energy costs and CO2 emissions and accelerates the transition to a resilient and reliable grid.

JuiceBox Energy transitioned in April 2016 to Adara Power. The name change was implemented to reflect our growth as a company. We have moved away from simply “the box” as an energy storage solution and have moved toward more comprehensive solutions. Adara Power's renewable energy portfolio includes a broad range of products and services, including our iC3 platform, site controller, commercial energy storage system, and residential energy storage system, the Adara Pulse.

Adara is a bright star in the Northern Hemisphere constellation, Canis Major. Adara is the brightest source of ultraviolet light when seen from Earth's sky. The fact that Adara is one of the brightest stars in the night sky represents how Adara Power's energy storage offerings allow for renewable energy day in and day out.


Contact Information:
Adara Power - 2355 Paragon Drive, Suite D - San Jose, CA 95131 - USA - Phone: (888) 692-3272

Neil Maguire

team-headshot-neilFounder and CEO

  • Business Unit Director for automotive battery management ICs at National Semiconductor & Texas Instruments
  • VP Marketing and Business Development at lithium-ion cell startup, Imara
  • Co-founded and sold enterprise software company, ProductFactory in 2003
  • Former automotive design and manufacturing engineer

Greg Maguire

team-headshot-gregFounder and Vice President Sales & Marketing

  • Captain, USN (ret) with a 25+year aviation career as a Navy Pilot, deployed globally with numerous operational and leadership excellence awards.
  • Managed 2800 person sales organization with territory including the United States, Europe and Caribbean
  • Extensive work throughout the DOD and DOE, including Navigator of a nuclear aircraft carrier based in Japan
  • Advanced concept, program and operational work including integration of unmanned aircraft into the national airspace, leading organizational shifts to network centric capabilities, and aviation maintenance in highly corrosive environments.

Thomas Schumann

team-headshot-thomasDirector of Engineering

  • Senior Firmware Engineer, Texas Instruments, automotive safety-critical IC validation & firmware development
  • Principal Engineer on concentrated solar power system for utility scale projects
  • Automotive system integration expertise specializing in electric vehicle battery management systems
  • System engineer experienced in technical writing, circuit board design and assembly, firmware development, software and personnel management