About Adara Power

Adara Power (formerly JuiceBox Energy) is a Silicon Valley based company that develops advanced energy storage and management systems to meet the growing demand for renewable energy storage. The company delivers innovative clean technologies to its customers in order to reduce both energy costs and CO2 emissions and accelerates the transition to a resilient and reliable grid.

Adara Power's renewable energy portfolio includes a broad range of products and services, including our iC3 platform, site controller, turn-key services and complete commercial energy storage systems.

Adara is a bright star in the Northern Hemisphere constellation, Canis Major. Adara is the brightest source of ultraviolet light when seen from Earth's sky. The fact that Adara is one of the brightest stars in the night sky represents how Adara Power's energy storage offerings allow for consumption of renewable energy day or night.


Contact Information:
Adara Power - Phone: (888) 692-3272